My Story | Travis Dykes Jr.

After getting his start in the professional music industry at an early age, Travis has been a full-time touring and studio musician for over 11 years in Nashville, TN. From the start of his music career, he has always felt a passion for teaching and has taught hundreds of bass and guitar students. This passion prompted the start of a YouTube channel to provide bass lessons and a behind-the-scenes look at the professional music industry. Over the past few years Travis’ YouTube channel has grown to over 100,000 subscribers, and he continues to create videos weekly. Although many of his lessons and insights come through video, Travis recently authored his first book  with “Hal Leonard Publishing” entitled “Do It Yourself” Bass Method — an instructional book for bass players. Travis continues to travel and work as a musician touring with artist such as: Charity Gayle, Cece Winans, Riley Clemmons, Eric Paslay, Gone West, Stephen Day, Jordy Searcy, James Wilson, Draylin Young and many others. 



Our Story 

While being on the road touring, Travis started to notice that his clothes started to fade and become "unwearable" especially on-stage. He didn't really want to buy very expensive clothes for the road, but wanted something durable, good quality, and wasn't super flashy on stage. After meeting up with some friends who are musicians and creatives they created some minimal designs that would be fun, but creative. Then he decided to create a clothing line based off of quality and durable clothing that creatives and musicians can wear that won't wear out easily. The goal of launching this brand is to allow for creatives and musicians who are on their "grind", be able to buy clothes that will be durable and quality for an affordable price.